1) What is BoostMeFast?
BoostMeFast is a place where members can increase their social pages for free,or they can earn money by reffer other members to join our website .Also they can add their site link in to our list and can get free traffic.
For Example Members can add their facebook page and other visitors can like it.
Or our members can add our banner to their site and every reffer register to our website then can get profite.
2) How i can reffer Members from my site?
Simply go to our affiliate page where you can find the code which redirect to our website,Our codes include your affiliate link,then you can copy and paste the code in any place on your site,after that the banner from our site is on your website ready for clicks,Any visitors from your site click on our banner then they will redirect to our website,and if they will register to our website then you will get profit,so simple.
3) How i can add my banner to BoostMeFast.com?
We offer banner space for everyone,Your banner can be to our website for 1 month.Go to our add banner area and buy your space.
You need to have balance to your account in order to get space.To get balance you need to purchase at last $5 from our bank page .
When you have add funds to your account balance then go to our banner area and purchase it.
4) How can i upgrade my account to V.I.P ?
You need to create first a free account,then go to our V.I.P area ,scroll down to find the button and upgrade it.
Remember,to upgrade your account you need first to have funds to your account balance at last $2,
5) How i can add funds to my account Balance?
You can go to our bank page,and add the number of the u.s Dollars that you want to purchase and pake your payment via paypal or via your visa card.
6) How Our Traffic Exchange Works?
Our Traffic Exchange option allow our members to list their websites to our Traffic Exchange area in order to get more traffic to their websites.

When you click on the "Traffic Exchange" then it will open one extra window on your browser,is good if you allow popup windows on our website.

When open the extra window on your browser it will show fo 30 secconts one website,then when the period have pass then automatically it will open one other new website to view for other 30 secconts.

The every new site you watching more points go to your account balance which you can use it for your own website traffic if you like.

You can allow the opening window to run in outopilot all the websites.