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We have get several messages how you can use your affiliate link and how you can be success to get more free points to your account.

The answare is simple,first of all you need to create a new account if you didn't have yet any,is free and very fast.Then when you have confirm your account you can login,in your first page you can find your affiliate link.

This link you can use it anywere you like,you can add it on your website.The correct code is this "
We offer you also a benner which you can use it anywhere you like,in to our banner link include your affiliate link,so any visitor of your site will click to our banner then this visitor from your site will redirect to our
affiliate page and you automatically get your profite.

Remember,every one referrer you send you get more points to your account in order to get more points,because as much points you have to your balance as more traffic and free follower or likes you can get.
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